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10 films and series from 2025

DC Studios CEO James Gunn has also revealed the creative team that will help shape the new DC Universe.

The long-awaited moment for the entire DC fandom has arrived. As we have already told you, although it will be tomorrow when it will be revealed to the public new DCU presented today private and selected would have leaks. And so it has been. Some of the projects that will form the new dc universe by Gunn and Peter Saffronso we go with them in a brief summary. Later, we will dive into each of the projects that have been announced to come from 2025.

Gunn and Safran’s idea is to release two films and two series a year. And it’s logical considering everything they have in mind. They will all be connected to each other and form this new universe.

James Gunn - DC Universe - DCU - New DCU

Chapter 1 of the new DCU is called Gods and Monsters

Imitation of the different phases of UCM, Gunn has named this first chapter as ‘Gods and Monsters’ y It starts in two years. This is the list of movies announced so far:

  • ‘Superman: Legacy’
  • ‘The Supervisory Authority’
  • The Brave and the Bold’
  • Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow’
  • ‘Swamp Thing’

And this is the list of series that premieres in HBO Max:

  • ‘Creature Commandos’
  • Waller’
  • ‘Lanterns’
  • ‘Paradise Lost’
  • ‘Booster Gold’

Gunn has also revealed the creative team that will be by his side to create this new DC Universe. This consists of the following artists:

  • Tom King (‘Batman’ – ‘Mister Miracle’
  • Drew Goddaed (‘Cloverfield’ – ‘The Martian’)
  • Jeremy Slater (‘Moon Knight’)
  • Christin Hodson (‘Birds of Prey’ – ‘The Flash’)

‘Superman: Legacy’ will be the movie that starts this whole new and intricate universe.

James Gunn - DC Universe - DCU - New DCU

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